Tea Room Perfume Oil

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Tea Room Perfume Oil all of our captivating perfume oils are made with 100% natural, pure-grade essential oil blends, and a jojoba oil base. Each blend is carefully curated to stimulate the senses in various ways for a calming, mind-clearing, or uplifting experience.

Our Tea Room perfume oil features a top note of cardamom, a heart of jasmine, and a base note of cinnamon bark.

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13 reviews for Tea Room Perfume Oil

  1. J Corey

    For me, this was an absolute WINNER. A blend so delicious i would love a lotion in it (hint hint) Definitely a re order for me.

  2. Jennifer Bredo

    Definitely a unisex scent. Very pleasant smell, I like it.

  3. shelly

    Wonderful warm scent!

  4. Shelly Yekutiel

    Beautiful scent! Calming, refreshing. Thanks!

  5. Johnny

    Very relaxing vibes coming from this scent. Nothing overly powerful or punchy that will jump out. Currently serves as my go-to for post-work showers and loungey weekend days.

  6. MW

    Soothing just like a cup of earl grey tea.

  7. Jocelan Maccke

    I love that it is natural! I was super excited for this perfume oil. Unfortunately it smells a little too much like a hippie shop, which is not bad, and great if that’s what you’re going for, but not what I was looking for.

  8. Robin

    Reminds me of a perfume my mother used to wear called Cinnabar! I was so pleased to smell that scent again. I get compliments every time i wear it :)

  9. Lisa

    I love using this perfume oil at night. I put it on before going to bed. It smell amazing, and a very calming affect.

  10. Vanessa

    Smells like a wonderful cup of jasmine tea. It has become my go to scent since I can’t wear traditional perfumes and hate the smell of alcohol that even some natural perfumes have. Love it!

  11. Susan Marx

    Delightful synergistic aroma, the cinnamon, the cardomon, they both are such a down to earth, hearty sensation and then the jasmine just smooths it all out for a perfect blend. I just love this oil.

  12. Dylan

    I knew I would love this scent as soon as I saw the product on the WoW website. It is particularly good for people who like the security blanket of wearing a perfume/cologne that is powerful, but blends into your natural scent. Because it is essential oils its potency doesnt last for hours like traditional perfumes, but I still get comments about how good I smell hours later and that people dont seem to relate the scent to a perfume which is really nice. My only complaint is the bottle it is in leaks if it isnt standing perfectly upright which means I cant take it with me on the go.

  13. Chris Gray

    I have order several of the roll on fragrances and they are all great. This one is my favourite, calming with a little spice! Highly recommend!

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