Soothing Face Serum

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  • Tea Tree
  • Chamomile
  • Patchouli
  • Jojoba

1 fl oz/ 30 ml


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    Soothing Face Serum

    USD $ 39.00

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    All About Soothing Face Serum

    Enhance and protect your skin’s barrier by adding this serum to your collection. We formulated this serum with delicate skin in mind. So, we packed it full of skin-saving ingredients like chamomile essential oil to protect and detoxify. This lightweight formula feels refreshing and soothing on the skin thanks to a natural, pure-grade oil blend of tea tree, jojoba, and patchouli.

    Tea tree and chamomile work together to arm your skin with natural antibacterial agents and support skin balance. Patchouli essential oil is essential for improving the appearance of your skin due to its skin cell rejuvenation properties. The scent gives you a spa-like experience every day.

    Sensitive skin can appear uneven and sore, so treat your skin to hazel seed oil for a long-lasting healthy glow. This serum is a fantastic addition to any sensitive skincare routine for maximum healing and restoration.

    • Soothing face serum for irritated, delicate skin
    • Calming ingredients repair and rejuvenate for a glowing, even complexion
    • A soothing blend of tea tree, chamomile, jojoba, and patchouli essential oils

    Why We Love Soothing Face Serum?

    This serum is packed full of soothing ingredients to nourish and restore skin health. Don’t worry about disrupting your skin. Our 100% natural formula supports skin balance without causing any harm.

    It contains an all-natural formula that’s super kind to delicate skin and significantly reduces redness for a beautiful, even skin tone. Our soothing serum is perfect for relieving sensitive, irritated skin and keeps your skin safe by naturally fighting infections.

    Delicate skin needs daily support to maintain its health. This serum contains ingredients that deeply nourish and protect while improving the look and feel of your skin. Apply twice a day to see results you’ll love.

    How To Use Soothing Face Serum?

    Apply this serum after cleansing and toning. Rub 2-4 drops between your palms to warm the product, then apply evenly over your face. Massage it in for maximum absorption. For best results, apply the serum on damp skin after using Way of Will toner.

    Follow on by using other Way of Will soothing skincare products for everyday skin comfort.

    Combat Red, Irritated Skin

    Life with ultra-sensitive skin isn’t easy. That’s why we created this calming serum to support your delicate skin. Our smart, all-natural formula soothes and protects while also giving your skin noticeable results.

    It’s time to feel comfortable in your skin. So, add this serum to your routine and face the world with confidence.

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    15 reviews for Soothing Face Serum

    1. sandy wold

      I use this in my night routine., which is the longest. It is a little on the heavier side and I wouldn’t use it under my makeup personally . I wake up and my skin feels soft and plump.
      I’m positive that this and in combination with my day routine using the brightening serum has really improved my skins overall texture and my breakouts are under control.

      I don’t think I’ll be able to look at any other products the same way after this.

    2. Ella Morton

      you truly don’t need a lot because it’s more and oil than a serum but OH MY GOSH i LOVEEEEEE IT

    3. Mark Jel Linugad

      I had really bad breakouts around the chin area after I shave but the soothing serum has calmed my skin. I have been using it and noticed less redness and bumps.

    4. NWT

      Love it!!

    5. Rebecca Tramontozzi

      The scent is very calming. Love using this in the winter, overnight, to calm and moisturize my sensitive skin

    6. Jena

      I recently had an eczema flare-up on my face and this soothing serum really helped my skin with the redness and itch. I also like the smell!

    7. Ilana

      I’ve been invested in my skincare for nearly 20 years so I have tried SO many products. I finally feel like I have found a product that doesn’t just maintain my skin or solve problems, but improves it. I received the brightening serum in my Causebox a few months ago and had low expectations–I’ve never encountered a product that I’ve really loved. But from day one I loved that serum! I decided to try the anti-aging and soothing serums as well. I use brightening in the morning and alternate the other two at night depending on how my skin is behaving. It absorbs beautifully and I finally feel like my skin is smooth, calm, clear(er), and glowing.

    8. char brewer

      I am at an age where I struggle with dry skin, especially on my cheeks. This formulation is amazing for dry winter-time skin issues. It goes on very oily, but is absorbed quickly and without residue. I would recommend adding a few drops to your usual moisturizer to give your skin a lovely treat <3

    9. Shantie Leyden

      My extremely dry and injured skin was suffering from the cold winter and an allergy before trying this product. I’m now moisturized, my eczema has subsided and I’m looking like myself again.

    10. Ashley Flores

      Soothing Face Serum

    11. Ashley Flores

      I use this serum after I have done extractions as I feel that it helps to soothe my skin and calm down the inflammation and redness that naturally comes after extracting out blackheads. I also love the way it smells, the chamomile in it is very pleasant and relaxing and night when going to bed.

    12. Shantie Leyden

      I have been using this product for my very sensitive skin and love it

    13. Pamela Munn (verified owner)

      Face Serum: Soothing & Brightening

      I received the Brightening Serum some time ago in a subscription box and was so sad when it ran out that I couldn’t bring myself to recycle the bottle.
      Very excited to find this website and purchase the Brightening and the Soothing.
      The Soothing serum smells amazing. I use it right before bed and it’s not only soothing but also calming.
      My skin looks better than it has in a long time (and feels better too!)

    14. Melissa Nelson

      I am allergic to almost everything. But not any Way of Will products. The soothing face serum does what it says – reduces redness and soothes! My skin is softer and there’s no greasy or oily feeling after use. And I love the scent!

    15. Paul Seagrove

      New to this brand. What I appreciate most is the absolute back to basic wholesome rich and natural ingredients that can soothe very stubborn sensitive skin like mine.
      Using the cleanser, serum and moisturizer together has left me with a super smooth glowing skin that smells fresh and calming all day.
      Hats off to Way of Will you have me know as a loyal customer and thanks for the obvious care that goes into each batch of product. It shows and we appreciate the simple Ingredients that provide the best results!!

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