33 Trailblazer Mind Focusing Olfactic Inhaler | Focus Your Mind

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Mind Focusing Olfactic Inhaler – Treat your senses to a refreshing, invigorating experience each time you breathe in our essential oil-infused Olfactic Inhaler. Our captivating blends come straight from all-natural, pure-grade essential oils that stimulate your senses and boost your mood so you can conquer your day. Unlike traditional smelling salts, our Olfactic Inhalers do not irritate the mucous membranes of your nose and lungs, so each whiff is easy on your nasal passages and pleasantly stimulating. The 33 Trailblazer Mind Focusing Olfactic Inhaler features a sharp, invigorating blend of black spruce, rosemary, lavender and grapefruit to help with mental focus and concentration. Make the most of each day – whether you’re tackling a busy schedule or giving it your all during your workout – with regular deep breaths of our mind-clearing Olfactic Inhaler.

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7 reviews for 33 Trailblazer Mind Focusing Olfactic Inhaler | Focus Your Mind

  1. vilma m

    I really love it, specially now with the allergies season approaching.

  2. Gayle Gardiner

    I use this when I sit down at my desk to start my work day, it shifts my focus and it smells great! It really does lift your mood!

  3. Cindy Morris

    Wonderful, I will recommend your product to all my family an friends. Thank you so much.

  4. Annette Luft

    The best scent, I think.

  5. Gailie

    What a delight to have inhalers without any medication in them. They simply have lovely oils to brighten the mood. Just what I’ve been searching for!

  6. Stephanie Hawthorne

    I bought this being very skeptical and found it to be very effective. I tried it to get my head in the game for work and I had three to four hours of mental clarity and stamina! Really a great product I will be buying others


  7. Joseph

    At first I wondered if this would really work but I can’t say enough good things about it. I use this at work when I need to take a minute to refocus, after work when I’m about to head out on my bike to ride, or at night when I sit down to read and study. I have a busy life and not only does this little inhaler encourage you to stop and breathe, it really enhances your ability to focus on what you’re about to do. Thanks guys, I love it!

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