00 Baking Soda-Free + Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant – Unscented

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Unscented, baking soda-free natural deodorant in plastic-free packaging. Gentle on delicate skin without compromising on long-lasting odor control.

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All-day odor protection with zero irritation

00 Baking Soda-Free + Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant – Unscented – This unscented baking soda-free deodorant is extra gentle on sensitive skin, while still holding all the odor-fighting powers of other Way of Will natural deodorants. Thoughtfully developed with just the bare essentials to keep skin feeling calm and clean all day long.

Our simple but effective formula is free of aluminum, parabens, fragrances, and other harmful chemicals found in conventional deodorants. This eco-friendly product uses plastic-free deodorant packaging to support our commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

  • Gentle, unscented formula that’s safe on sensitive skin
  • Free of baking soda, aluminum, and other skin-irritating ingredients
  • Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging
  • Packed with vital nutrients to nourish and comfort delicate underarm skin
  • Doesn’t block pores and lets skin breathe

Apply 3-4 strokes to underarms for effective, all-day freshness.

For optimal results, use on clean skin after showering.

This product is for external use only. Store below 21°C/ 70°F.

Our products are made with natural, clean ingredients that work. Each ingredient is added with purpose to work harmoniously with the rest of the formulation to provide effective, long-lasting results.

Key Ingredients


  • Gently but effectively neutralizes odors without irritating skin
  • Promotes circulation
  • Naturally boosts energy levels

Arrowroot Powder

  • Helps with odor control
  • Absorbs moisture to keep skin hydrated and nourished

Full Ingredients

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Powder, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Magnesium Hydroxide, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Solum Diatomeae (Diatomaceous Earth), Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate

*The product’s ingredient list may vary. Refer to the product label for the most updated ingredients.


For Sensitive Skin


Baking Soda-Free


No Harmful Aluminums




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Money-Back Guarantee

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84 reviews for 00 Baking Soda-Free + Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant – Unscented

  1. Jose Suing

    Este ha sido el mejor desodorante natural que he encontrado. Durante muchos años todos los desodorantes que compraba me causaban alergia y debía usar cremas que me daba el dermatólogo para aliviar los síntomas, después de encontrar 00 realmente he logrado eliminar el uso de cremas tópicas y no tengo alergias. Espero que nunca lo descontinúen. Puse 4 estrellas porque considero que el producto puede aun estar mejor porque al inicio cuando está muy seco podría resultar un poco incomodo.

  2. LL

    I’ve been using this for about two weeks and it’s worked well. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because it made me breakout so I need to stop using it. I was looking for a plastic and baking soda free option so I guess I’ll need to keep looking!

  3. Rebecca Clover

    Ordered the unscented version of the baking soda free deodorant that I love. No surprise that it works just as well as the scented one! I recommend this product to everyone that I know.

  4. Daniel Blanchette

    Mon meilleur DÉODORANT NATUREL, très efficace, j’aime bien la senteur du produit.

  5. Rebecca Clover

    This is the best baking soda and plastic free deodorant that I’ve found! Great scent and lasts all day. It’s a little pricey, but I think that it’s well worth it. I just ordered my second stick!

  6. Teresa Correia

    I found this brand by accident one day and I just have to say “ohhhh happy accident” never disappointed Always so happy with the products….. I’ve searched for years for decent deodorants and great products, so very happy.

  7. Christine Roth

    00 Natural Deodorant Baking Soda Free + Plastic Free

  8. Katherine Heinze

    I have been on a search for natural deodorant that doesn’t come in plastic packaging. When I found this deodorant I was so excited because it seemed to have everything!! No plastic, no baking soda, a subscription option…it really is perfect except for one thing. I stink. I live in south Florida where it is hot and humid and this formulation just doesn’t cut it.

    I’ve tried other natural deodorants that have worked fine. Schmidt’s (problem there is the baking soda irritates my skin) and kopari (this deodorant is the bomb but it only comes in plastic containers) both worked fine, but with this product I feel both more smelly and more sweaty.

    It’s back to the drawing board to find the perfect no waste natural deodorant. I hope Way of Will can reformulate this product because if it worked then I would be a customer for life!!

  9. Martha Walsh

    This is the first natural deodorant that actually works and has a wonderful smell! Love it!

  10. Anna Mampel

    Deodorant itself is very good, cap is too tight for the base and when you open and close it, excess deodorant comes off.

  11. Erin Hoffmann

    I have struggled with hyperhidrosis my entire adult life, and I also have a baking soda sensitivity, this deodorant totally blew my mind – it actually works for me!!

  12. Reem Rihani

    Plastic free! Carries a light refreshing natural fragrance. I will buy it again

  13. Marla Coats

    So far, this one is working well for me, but I won’t know for sure until summer. The only thing I don’t care for is the container. The lid gets pretty messy, and I usually end up with deodorant flecks on my counter from opening/closing it.

  14. Sean Moran

    My first love is that it’s plastic free. After that, I love that I can change it up from day to day. I use citrus essential oils to give it the scent I want for the day. FYI: some oils can be problematic for your skin. Do some research first.

  15. Louis Varela

    Was looking for a great natural deodorant with no baking soda and this was it i love every part of putting it on

  16. Rebecca Borchert

    Have only been using about a week, but enjoying much more than any others I’ve tried including Saje wellness and lush products

  17. Perry Kimelman

    Your deodorant is the only product I can use that does not give me a rash and I have tried every natural product I could find. I have enough to make a deodorant gift bouquet. If you have sensitive skin this is the product to try. For me, its been a blessing.

    Dr P Kimelman

    PS, I would have given you 5 stars but because the review was preset to 5 stars, I gave you 4, otherwise 5 stars all the way.

  18. Edyth Trucks

    I had been having trouble finding a natural deodorant that worked. This works!

  19. G

    Love these deodorants!
    Best I have ever used!

  20. Lydia

    Baking-Soda free Bergamot and Peppermint Review: After months of using, I think this is a great product in terms of smell, ingredients and plastic-free. This company is admirable and worth supporting. Like some others, I have had issues pushing up and down the cream itself because the stiff cardboard packaging is just too much friction. I actually have to just leave the cap off now but do worry it might dry out the balm faster than if it stayed covered.
    I think the deodorant works better than most I’ve tried. I haven’t had to re-apply twice in a day and it doesn’t have the problematic wetness since it’s not a spray form. It covers up odors. I overall recommend it and wait for the version 2.0 for packaging!

  21. Lynn Seguin

    Once I figured out how to punch up the stick, it was pretty good – as per normal with all Way of Will items. Love it!

  22. Valerie Gelinas

    After years of testing out deodorants and never having success, I am thrilled to have found Way of Will and the baking soda free deodorant. It doesn’t irritate my skin and has a great minty fresh scent.

  23. Kirstie

    love the packaging, the smell and it works!

  24. Daphne

    I love this deodorant! Smells good, works good, feels good. Nuff said!

  25. Diane Krygier

    Love the smell of the deodorant, yet it did not keep me order free all day😔

  26. Megan Calanni

    Love this deodorant it lasts all day. I get random hints of peppermint scent.

  27. nancy guilbeau

    The deodorant dispenser does not function properly ,therefore I was only able to use 1/4 of the product. This is an expensive product to not be able to utilize .

  28. Kerise Zutz

    Can’t reveiw something I never got! 14 days and I had to email you for a shipping notification!

  29. Jennifer Oquendo

    Great product! Wish they were more unscented products.

  30. Rose Grace

    This product smells great goes on easy & washes off clean too. I had a hard time knowing how to open this darn thing so had to go to the website & look at the picture…..dah!

  31. Anna P

    I used to use the pumpkin seed and mint deodorant that you guys have and at first (because I was switching from regular deodorant) it was perfect! I’ve always had problems with the skin in my underarms and it cleared up right away. But then after using that one for several weeks, I got a new (and much worse rash). Apparently I have a baking soda sensitivity!
    This deodorant is actually perfect though. I use it every other day after I shower and it lasts just fine. I can also use it every day without getting a rash or anything as well.
    Thank you! Great product. Also smells awesome.

  32. david luong

    Had a tough time pushing deodorant up out of it’s holder to use.

  33. Steve Soleimani

    It came in very bad condition without a top. Everything was squished. I tried to used it and it made my arm pits sticky.
    Packaging is very confusing and wound op destroying the whole stick. Never will buy again.

  34. Christine Foster

    Rubs on smoothly and it smells great

  35. Stephanie Kanady

    Have tried dozens of natural clean deodorant and this is the ONLY ONE that works! I’ve stopped my search!

  36. Andrea

    Deodorant working out really well so far! I’ve been receiving compliments on the scent and I love that the ingredients are CLEAN! I don’t have to worry about cellular damage or whatnot. Thank you!

  37. Chris Huisman

    Love the products and the fact that they work hard to be green

  38. Daneen B

    I wish it was softer when it’s applied on the skin.

  39. Tara McCreery

    I am really enjoying 00 Natural Deodorant. The Bergamont Teatree scent is a nice surprise and the product glides on smoothly and stays set. I would definitely recommend it.

  40. Kelly Harrold

    I was very excited to get my order after hearing about it from Flavcity. It was difficult to figure out how to open it or I am an idiot😂. It does have a nice scent but I am disappointed it does not really keep you dry. Although the last time I tried a natural deodorant, I received a horrible rash. This product did not give me a rash. I am not sure if I would purchase again because of the price either. Why does trying to stay healthy cost so much?

  41. Tena Bateman

    Love it!

  42. Kiara Brown

    I really wanted to love the product. I love the clean ingredients and the fragrance but the product just doesn’t work for me. I’d completely stopped using deodorant because I couldn’t find anything to really work. I didn’t smell too bad. After using 00 Natural Deodorant I smell like I haven’t showered in days. I’m not sure why it does that. I’m work from home so I’m not extremely active. But it makes me nervous to leave home knowing others would be able to smell me.

  43. tamara mason

    I have been trying different natural deodorants and this was the first one I didn’t need to reapply throughout the day. I stayed fresh even through the heatwave!

  44. Christa Gehard

    I like the product but not the packaging.

  45. Daneen B

    A little rough putting on but works nicely.

  46. Melissa Vaters

    00 Natural Deodorant Baking Soda Free + Plastic Free

  47. Christine Cuthbertson

    I purchased these for my husband because he’s been breaking out under his armpits! I’m so sad to say although he’s used them for over a week he still feels
    Maybe this isn’t fixing it because his armpits are still broke out. Darn!

  48. JenNan

    So I have no review because no one knows how to open it 😞

  49. Christopher Ledesma

    Opening the deodorant proved to be beyond challenging for me. I started to tear the packaging apart and I ended up with a bunch of pieces of black paper everywhere. I pushed up from the bottom and I figured the top had to come off some how. I actually took a knife and cut a hole out of the top so that the deodorant would come through. Now it’s open to the air all the time, hopefully it doesn’t dry out.

    I also received samples of pre shave oil, I have no idea how to use this either.

  50. Irina

    I am very disappointed in this product. Dryers off and every morning it feels like I am robing a piece of wood on my skin. I hope I could get my money back.

  51. Alison Gamble

    I’ve been using this for about a week. It’s not irritating my skin at all, which is my main issue with natural deodorants. The next test was working out in 90 degree temps with high humidity and it worked great! I also didn’t need to reapply it during our recent heatwave. I like the peppermint scent, and I love that it’s not in plastic! I will definitely be buying this again.


    I’ve tried other as they say natural deodorant but this is by far the BEST I’ve ever used!!! I’ll definitely buy more in the future. Scared to sun out that’s for sure. :)

  53. Hailey

    This deodorant goes on easily and lasts me all day. And the plastic-free packaging helps with the amount of single-use plastics disposed, yay!

  54. RAVENMOON of Calgary

    I have extremely sensitive skin. I recently purchased an all natural product (Schmitz) which caused bumps on my skin, redness that burned, itchiness, and I was sceptical to buy another natural product. But I was surprised with the Baking Soda Free Bergamont & Peppermint Deodorant and it feels cool and refreshing, the scent is subtle and not overpowering. I can use as much or as little as I want and my skin has no reaction. I love how the product is also plastic free so I am consciously making an environmental difference. Even better, the product is made in Canada so I am supporting my country and fellow Canadians. Thank you for this great product. I will be purchasing more. I only wish that there was more bergamot scent which was over-powered by the peppermint.

  55. Russell Tarca

    Very pleased with my deodorant so far

  56. Hannah

    I’ve waited 2 weeks before writing my review to really give me time to get used to it and really put this deodorant to the test and, well, those two weeks happened to be when Toronto was hit with 40 degree weather! We don’t have central air, so my apartment was h.o.t. Besides sitting in front of a fan, I also spent time canoeing, loading and unloading cars, and going for (short) walks with my dog. I was so impressed by this deodorant, I only applied it in the morning (with 4 swipes per arm) and found I didn’t need to reapply AT ALL. For a girl who was not blessed with dry armpits, this deodorant kept me feeling fresh all day (*definitely more peppermint than bergamot).
    As a side note: I’ve tested at least 6 different deodorant brands, including Native and Schmidt’s, and had to reapply two to three times per day with those. So not needing to reapply for me is a big deal!

  57. Catherine

    I’ve tried SO many aluminum free deodorant and they were all just “ok” at best. Some irritated my skin. Some just didn’t work. This one works amazingly well. Easy to apply, great texture and works even during this heat wave.

    My tween daughter was shocked to find no odour at all after a full day out in the sun.

    The cardboard container and amazing smell are just wonderful bonus.

  58. Donald Rice

    I just purchased the 00 deodorant and I think it works pretty well but there is too much of a peppermint scent. I can’t really smell bergamot. I think the bergamot scent should come out more.

  59. Toni

    The 00 deodorant goes on smooth and smells great.

  60. Sébastien Lauzon Giguère

    This product is simply awesome. First of all, it works. I only apply a small amount in the morning and I smell fresh all day long, even on those recent heat waves. It really passed the test. I do not have a baking powder allergy, but it’s a nice for those who do. I feel the texture is a bit weird when applying, it feels sticky or thicker than I would like. But as I said, it WORKS. I tried many other “Natural” brands and with the exception of a brand in California, it’s the only only I’ve found effective. And furthermore, it’s in Canada and more environmental friendly (closer + paper packaging). And speaking of environment, since a tube last about 30-45 day, you usually end throwing it in the trash, but not this one, since it’s made out of paper. I used it for a month now and the tube is still holding up. Easy to push and you don’t have to touch anything.

  61. Ania Di Marco

    Love the packaging, love the scent but it doesn’t work!!!

  62. Stacy Lewis

    Although the product is great, the container leaves much to be desired. It wasn’t clearly labeled on how to open it, and the push up from the bottom dispenser gets stuck often, making it messy to use.

  63. Cynthia Carrier

    The frangrance is too present for me.

  64. Jenna Drever

    I love that the packaging isn’t plastic and the scent is amazing! Has to be re applied for optimal product performance but works well. Colours some dark clothes during wear but washes out well.

  65. Sean Moran

    I’ve tried other brands. Short of making my own deodorant, this is the best option for a conscious consumer. No plastic (none) exists in the product.

    I like the scent for the natural deodorant, and I look forward to future scents in the no plastic delivery method. I’d go ape for something with either a citrus and/or coconut scent.

  66. Juliana

    I’ve been using for a couple of days, and so far so good. Doesn’t feel sticky when applied, dries quickly and it’s gentle on my skin. I just didn’t like the packaging. I like that’s plastic-free, but I had some trouble opening it. I also don’t like the “push-pop” application method. Maybe something that can be improved.

  67. Christin Disi

    Going natural was so hard because there was not enough info out there in the world. And after failing so many times and ending up with some weird rash under my arms it was so refreshing to find this one. It’s clearly a no brained at this point. I hope they come out with other scents too!

  68. Sebastien

    Truly works for me. And no aluminium or plastic packaging!

  69. Kaitlyn Zencka

    I really like the idea behind this, but it’s not flawless (and perhaps its flaws are by nature, which is why I’m going with 4*s instead of 3.)
    The scent is decent, but not very strong. If you want to smell free of BO but don’t necessarily want to be able to smell the deo itself, this is a good thing. The consistency of the deo itself is nice; creamy yet solid. I like that it’s baking soda free; I am slightly sensitive but more often than not, the biggest problem for me is a funky smell after the initial scent wears off. Anyway…) My problem – and again, perhaps it’s unavoidable for a cardboard deodorant container- is the application process. Basically, you twist the top cover off, and push the deodorant column up like a push pop. My problem with this is, it’s slightly difficult to push up and *quite* difficult to push just the right amount up to avoid overapplication. My 2’¢.

  70. Wendy Lewis

    00 Natural Deodorant Baking Soda Free + Plastic Free

  71. Meghan MacLennan

    This has been the first natural deodorant that I have found that lasts all day without needing to be reapplied, that is strong enough scent wise, and does not irritate my skin. I have tried other brands with no luck, and even made my own. This has been the best deodorant I have used ever.

  72. ARTHUR

    Great texture and scent!

  73. Rachelle McCann

    Quite happy with this deodorant. I was looking for a natural alternative and this one checks all the boxes!

  74. Azad

    I must commend wayofwill for going the plastic-free route and making a paper container for the deodorant. That being said, because it is made of paper, after a couple uses the top of the base will start to fold over making it difficult to close it with the top part.

    I must also commend them on staying true to natural products free of harsh and synthetic chemicals. The peppermint smell is a bit strong, but once you get used to it, it is quite pleasant. Despite not having unnatural chemicals, the deodorant works surprisingly well! I would recommend applying to clean armpits after a shower and avoid reapplying. It lasts all day but not more than that. The deordorant is also super easy to apply and does not crumble or fall apart while applying. I look forward to see how well it works in the summer months.

  75. Karen

    Love this deodorant!! The fragrance is awesome, not too strong and lasts the whole day. I will be buying this again and I love the plastic free container which I think all of the deodorants should be. If you want a deodorant that lasts and smells great too this is the one for you.

  76. Brett H

    The deodorant is a nice smell and works well until a longer duration. The product has stained a shirt as well. Tried to let it dry, but seems to leave the layer. The mint feels nice on the skin though.

  77. Jeremy Segal

    Way of Will is the only natural deodorant I’ve ever tried that actually works consistently. 10/10

  78. Kristina Pereira

    I purchased the natural baking soda free and plastic free deodorant in bergamot and peppermint when realizing how much harm regular drugstore deodorants do to our bodies and the planet. I instantly loved this!! Love the smell, love the feel (almost a cream base, rather than powder), no residue and keeps me smelling fresh. I don’t sweat too much so this is perfect for me! And the added bonus is it’s not another plastic container ending up in a landfill. WOW was also kind enough to send me samples (shoe deodorizer and body oil) so I will definitely continue buying and I will spread the word!!

  79. John BENTLEY

    I love the scent and all the natural ingredients, my only complaint was the size of it when I received it I thought it was much larger then it is, for the price, but other then that, great product.

  80. Victoria F

    Love the plastic free packaging, really easy to use. The scent and feel is good too – peppermint is really nice! This is my first all natural plastic free deoderant experience, so I think my body is still getting used to it. I do find applying a second time during the day is needed, but that’s no trouble. Good experience so far!

  81. Camille Poirier

    I love it. It’s a miracle.

  82. Melissa Baca

    Very nice product, smells amazing and works great

  83. Krista McGrath

    Love everything about this product. I’ve tried many other natural deodorants & none of them work this well. It goes on smooth & lasts all day! (Even thru hot yoga) I highly recommended it.

  84. Julie Griffith

    I have been using been using natura deodorant for many years. This is definitely the most effective one I have tried! I
    I love the smell too!

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