Apex Legends, a standout in the battle royale genre, is renowned for its intense action, unique characters (called ‘Legends’), and tactical gameplay. Since its launch, the game has grown exponentially and continues to evolve with each new season. Now in its 17th season, the game’s ranking system has been fine-tuned to provide a more balanced and competitive playing field. Understanding this system is key for any player looking to progress and ultimately achieve the desirable Pred Badge Apex.

A Closer Look at the Ranking System

The Apex Legends ranking system is tiered, consisting of multiple ranks. Each of these ranks comes with its own set of unique challenges and rewards, ensuring players always have new goals to strive for. The ranks, in ascending order, are:

At the top of this pyramid is the Apex Predator rank. Based on our observations, only the top players who reach this pinnacle of play receive the coveted Pred Badge.

How to Obtain the Pred Badge

Our extensive research indicates that the Pred Badge is the ultimate prize for Apex Legends players, rewarded only to those who reach the highest echelons of the Apex Predator rank. As our tests have shown, achieving this enviable status requires not just exceptional gaming skills, but also a comprehensive understanding of the game’s ranking system and the deployment of effective strategies.

The Mechanics of Point Accumulation

In Apex Legends Season 17, our practical experience shows that the ranking system heavily relies on the accumulation of Ranked Points (RP). These points serve as a measure of a player’s skill and performance in ranked matches. There are two primary ways players can accumulate these points:

The total RP earned at the end of each match will influence your progress within the ranks, thereby bringing you one step closer to the Pred Badge.

Your Path to the Pred Badge: A Step-by-Step Guide

With our deep experience of Apex Legends gameplay, we’ve designed a comprehensive guide to help you ascend the ranking ladder and eventually secure the Pred Badge. These steps aim to boost your overall performance and strategic approach to the game:

Pro Tips from Experienced Players

Drawing from our extensive experience and close observations of high-ranking Apex Legends players, we can offer these additional tips:

Expert’s Summary

Our comprehensive analysis of the 17th season of Apex Legends, drawn from our hands-on experience and exhaustive research, offers valuable insights into the intricate ranking system of this popular game. This in-depth guide, targeted at both newcomers and veterans alike, intends to equip players with the knowledge needed to effectively navigate their Apex gaming journey and work towards acquiring the prestigious Pred Badge in Apex Legends.


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