Why Natural Deodorants Have A Harder Texture?

Why Natural Deodorants Have A Harder Texture? Finding the right natural deodorant for you can be quite a task and involve plenty of trial and error, but here’s something that most natural deodorants have in common: a firm texture. We already told you why you need to make the switch to natural deodorant, and if you’ve already made the decision, you’ll notice that most options have firmer textures as compared to the easy glide-on that conventional deodorants offer. Conventional deodorants have an easier glide under the arms during application, while most natural deodorants do not. The textural differences can be attributed to the ingredients used.

The good stuff

Natural deodorants contain healthy ingredients like organic beeswax, shea butter, baking soda and mineral-rich clay, which can have it’s texture changed by weather changes and contributes to their slightly rougher texture. These natural ingredients are excellent in absorbing sweat, while also reducing the bacteria that causes bad odor. Adding essential oils to the mix elevates the aromatherapeutic qualities of your deodorant and increases its deodorizing power.

Beeswax and other natural, waxy substances used in deodorant create the glossy consistency we are typically used to with conventional deodorants. Conventional deodorants, on the other hand, promise an easier glide, but at the cost of putting bad stuff into your body through chemicals. They contain harmful ingredients like aluminum compounds, parabens, phthalates, and perfumes that clog your underarm pores and affect hormonal balance. They also cause the bad bacteria in your underarm area to multiply.

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Temperature does make a difference

If you’re using a natural deodorant stick, keep in mind that even though it carries a firm texture, it can easily melt and change texture. So, make sure to store your deodorant in 60-70°F for best results. Even though the texture of natural deodorant is firmer, it is capable of melting against body heat, thereby promising an easier glide. Check out our 3 tips for an easier natural deodorant glide!

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