Too Cool For School – Best Routine to Get Ready In The Morning

Best Routine to Get Ready In The Morning –  Waking up is hard but waking up for school is a whole different ball game. When that alarm clock fills the voids of your empty room, you’d love nothing more than a get out of school card to savour the situation. We both know that ain’t gonna happen.

What you can do is make the best out of the situation. A natural routine waiting at the other side of your bed will make you forget that alarm clock ever happened. Luckily for you, routines are kind of our specialty.

Your wake-up call

In more ways than one, your day really starts in the shower. While it’s easy to grab that 2-in-1 nearly soul-stripping concoction in the drugstore, it’s clearly not the path to showergel happiness. And yes, we didn’t think such a thing existed. Until w e created our own. Jam-packed with soothing SLS-free cleansing agents and fragranced with grapefruit and pine; our 47 Energize body wash is more than worthy of its name. Invite him into your life if your mornings could do with a little brightening.

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Your clearer complexion

While you’re off counting sheep, your skin is working overtime. It’s going at full speed to regenerate and undo the weight of the day. Stress, pollution and slipping eating habits can take their toll on your skin. As important as it is to take care of your complexion before hitting your duvet, the morning after needs some looking after too. So after you’re all lathered up with your personal choice of body wash, it’s now time to gently remove the night’s build-up. No stripping allowed here. Our facial cleanser respects rather than disrupt because squeaky faces are so 2009.

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Your refreshing spritz

Straight out off the shower, there’s only one thing on our mind. How can we prolong this post-wash high as long as possible? In waltzes our 30 Sprint Energizing Facial Spray, otherwise known as ‘a caffeine shot for your skin’. It’s infused with nothing other than nature’s finest essential oils that are instant perk worthy. At Way of Will HQ, you can find one of these in our bathroom, gym bag or on our desk for that afternoon slump. We take our spritzing very seriously. And so should you.

Your natural armour

Deodorant is like the armour everybody uses but no one talks about. We want to change that. Let’s call it the ‘go natural’ armpit revolution. This deodorant made our wildest dreams come true. It’s creamy but not sticky and it’s made for people who like to move fast, like you. So if you are worried about this not surviving your PE class, think again. This is the invisible security you’ll never want to be without. And for summer, a quick swipe of 02 Lime and Spruce can do no wrong in our eyes.

Now that you’re washed, prepped and ready for another day of school, you’ve got one last thing to do. A deep inhale of 33 Trailblazer to boost laser-sharp focus and you’re well on your way to a day of mind-boggling success

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