The 6 Most Popular Items Ordered As Gifts This Year (2021)

Most Popular Items Ordered As Gifts – Gift your nearest and dearest the absolute best this season by shopping our most-loved products of the year. Our range of 100% natural, essential oil-based skincare and wellness staples have 100’s of 5-star reviews, with results that you can see for yourself.

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#1 Sleep Tight Essential Oil Remedy

Everyone could use a more rested night’s sleep. Our Sleep Tight remedy makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to ease stress and anxiety and slip into a peaceful slumber the natural way. An extensive essential oil-infused blend of bergamot, geranium, neroli, rose, sandalwood and sweet marjoram oils come together for the ultimate tranquilizing remedy.

Pure bliss I love this essential oil! It smells heavenly and really does help to calm and assist with getting a restful sleep! For someone who struggles with falling asleep, this has been a natural and easy remedy that works for me. I will definitely be making another purchase very soon. Thank you!!

Nancy K, Verified Reviewer

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#2 00 Natural Deodorant

Thanks to the new 100% plastic-free packaging and gentle formula, our 00 Natural Deodorant has been a Way of Will fan favorite! Plus, its upgraded formula offers a silky-smooth texture that glides on effortlessly and seamlessly for an even application every time. We recommend gifting this to that person in your life who is looking to make the green switch.

Smells great, works well! Deodorant working out really well so far! I’ve been receiving compliments on the scent and I love that the ingredients are CLEAN! I don’t have to worry about cellular damage or whatnot. Thank you!

Andrea, Verified Reviewer

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#3 Brightening Facial Serum

The bright side of spending more time than usual indoors? Extra time to perfect your skincare routine! For the one who has amped up their beauty ritual, gift the Brightening Face Serum. With over 140 5-star reviews, this jojoba oil-based serum has been proven to moisturize, brighten, tone, and revitalize dull, tired-looking skin for a radiant complexion.

Game changer I LOVE this serum. I have oily skin and acne rosacea so my skin was just a hot mess. This serum helps even my skin tone so much and it moisturizes without causing me to get oily. I’ve seen a big difference in the clarity of my complexion. I find the scent quite pleasant, it’s a light citrusy scent but also kind of woodsy. I will be buying again!

Alisha, Verified Reviewer

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#4 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil

Like many things, let’s leave after-gym aches and pains in 2020. Our 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil is the best selling 100% natural solution to after-workout woes. After a refreshing shower, simply apply 5-8 drops of warmed oil to damp skin and then massage directly onto desired area until fully absorbed. This wondrous massage oil should be an essential part of every wind down regimen!

Awesome product! This oil really works! I rub some of this oil into whatever muscle is hurting – usually shoulders – and a couple minutes later it feels so much better.

DeAnn G, Verified Reviewer

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#5 Kiss Lip Balm

Good things come in jumbo packages! The Kiss Jumbo Sized Lip Balm keeps lips smiling with specially formulated pure oil blends. Its melt-on-contact formulation is loaded with all the lip- and skin-loving ingredients needed for a healthy smile. Bonus points for sleek and neutral packaging you can bring everywhere.

Creamy, Silky, and Very Moisturizing! This has become my go-to lip balm! It does a great job of moisturizing my lips, and making them feel moisturized for a long time after the product wears off. The formula is so creamy and silky, and the smell is calming and warm.

Maura, Verified Reviewer

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#6 Balancing Hand and Body Lotion

As hand washing went up by 1000% this year, so has the need to replenish skin’s moisture and natural equilibrium. The Balancing Hand and Body Lotion offers a nourishing blend of shea and cocoa seed butters, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil. There’s no better way to top off your skin care regimen than enveloping yourself in our fresh, floral-scented moisturizing lotion.

Long lasting softness! The lotion is absorbed by the skin really quickly and leaves it soft and moisturized for hours. Smells great.

Catherine, Verified Reviewer

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