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Serum 101 – A Deeper Look

Face Serum – We launched our line of face serums at Way of Will quite recently but in the short time it’s been available, the Way of Will serums have quickly become one of our best selling products. However, we will be remiss to not discuss what exactly serums are and how they fit into your skincare routine.

What do Serums do?

Serums are lightweight oil or water based products that are specifically formulated to deeply penetrate the skin to deliver effective results. Serums tend to be highly concentrated and potent because they are free from any additional additives. For example, a moisturizing serum and face moisturizer are very different. A face moisturizer contains a base that allows the active ingredients to skin into skin; the base could be Shea butter, Glycerin or a combination of both.

A face serum either contains a very small amount of the base item or chooses to forgo something as heavy as Shea butter in favor of almond oil or aloe Vera. This allow the active ingredients to skin further into the skin and deliver those ‘pinch me’ results we all love.

When should you use Serums?

Serums are best used after cleansing and toning the skin but before moisturizing. This is due to the fact that moisturizers contain a barrier that help to seal in all the products used prior. Using a serum after moisturizing kind of defeats the point, right? Serums are also best applied on thoroughly cleansed skin – in order to allow our skin to get the full benefits of the ingredients.

Most serums come with directions of use and we should follow labels carefully and make sure we are using them accordingly. Serums with active brightening ingredients might require you to always wear sunscreens when in daylight. Some serums are better used at night rather than during the day but ultimately this might depend on what you are using the serum for.

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 How do you work a serum into your routine?

This step greatly depends on the individual and what skin concerns are being addressed. Some people love to layer their serums, this allows you to create a formidable team. For example, someone with dry, hyper-pigmented skin might enjoy layering our Brightening Face Serum with the Anti-aging serum. However, this will greatly depend on the individuals sensitivity levels and comfort. Two serums might feel a bit heavy for some.

Another way to incorporate our serums into your routine is by using different serums at different points in time. You might enjoy our Normal/Sensitive serum as part of your morning routine and swap that out for the Soothing Face Serum at night. This part is essentially up to you! Take stock of any sensitivities you might have but ultimately have fun and see what your skin responds really well to.

Why Way of Will Serums?

Remember how we said serums are specially formulated to penetrate deep into the skin? This allows all the “good stuff” to get into to skin more effectively but this could also allows the not so nice stuff in as well. At Way of Will, all our products are made without skin harming, damaging ingredients.

No silicones, which clog the skin. No parabens and sulfates which strip and damage the skin. No synthetic fragrances and perfumes that could cause further irritation. We believe in using natural, skin loving ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn oil, Grape Seed oil, Bergamot essential oils, Sandalwood,  Frankincense, Lavender, Vitamin E and host of other clean, natural ingredients.

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