How to Use Essential Oils for Better Hair Health

How to Use Essential Oils for Better Hair Health Doing hair oil treatments has become a popular trend in the beauty and wellness community. We see videos of natural hair treatments at home using carrier oils like coconut and avocado oil, but have you ever tried adding essential oils to the mix? You can expect a more enriching treatment packed with benefits to leave your locks tamed, shiny and moisturized. Here are some of the ways that essential oils can improve and strengthen your hair.

Get rid of dandruff

If you suffer from annoying scalp irritation, itching and pesky white flakes that just don’t seem to go away, you might want to consider adding two essential oils to your hair regimen. Tea Tree oil and Lemongrass oil fight to remove the most aggressive dandruff. Tea Tree has incredible cleansing properties and invigorates the mind and body, while Lemongrass is antibacterial and creates an environment for healthy hair growth. For your next dandruff treatment, add Tea Tree or Lemongrass oil to a carrier oil, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse in the shower.

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Stimulate hair growth

Rubbing Rosemary oil or Cedarwood oil on the scalp is an effective and stimulating topical treatment. In a study on Rosemary oil and its effectiveness in reducing androgenetic alopecia (a common form of hair loss), the final results proved that Rosemary does, in fact, reduce symptoms of this condition. Cedarwood oil strengthens hair strands and promotes the growth of stronger strands. Mix a few drops with your favorite carrier oil for a moisturizing and enriching hair treatment.

Nourish dry hair

Essential oils are allies in keeping hair soft and healthy. Mixed with a vitamin-rich carrier oil, essential oils help seal in moisture. Lavender essential oil is especially helpful for dry hair by naturally conditioning each strand and balancing oil production on the scalp. German Chamomile is a luxurious essential oil that adds shine and softness to the hair, while soothing and nourishing the scalp.

Manage oily hair

You have probably heard the rumors that washing your hair is not that good, especially if you have naturally oily hair. Good news! You can train your scalp to produce less oil by shampooing less often and eliminate the extra grease by using Lemon essential oil. It regulates sebum production and is an overall cleansing oil. You can also use Peppermint oil, which is great for both oily and dry hair by creating a balanced environment for healthy hair. Now that you know how to essential oils can help your hair. Let’s dig into some great DIY recipes!

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