Easy Gifts for Athletes That They’ll Use and Love

If you’re buying gifts for athletes or fitness lovers, it can be tricky to find unique gifts that you know they’ll love and use. You want to find something special for your loved one, and you want to save time trying to figure out what they want. If they are into heavy lifting or serious CrossFit sessions, we’ve got a list of great gifts that will excite them. If they’re more into cardio or conditioning, like barre or cycling workouts, our list can work for them too. 

Our list of Christmas gifts for fitness enthusiasts will keep all of your athletes and gym or studio rats happy.

Best Gifts for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Finding something practical, functional, and fun as gifts for athletes doesn’t need to be difficult. Start with something you know they’ll use, and look for the style that you know they’ll love. Here are a few ideas for any athlete, from cyclists to dancers.


Leggings are great gifts for athletes because they are the bedrock of women’s gym attire. A bad pair of leggings will distract you and cause a tug-of-war contest that you are bound to lose. A great pair of leggings, however, will keep you fresh and ready to go the entire workout. Look for a high- or mid-rise cut, light compression, and moisture-wicking fabric to keep her comfortable throughout the workout. You get bonus points if the leggings have pockets.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Man drinks from stainless steel water bottle

Water bottles are great stocking stuffers for fitness enthusiasts. Hydration is important and a cool water bottle will help them remember to take water breaks during their workouts. One made from stainless steel means it will keep their water cooler longer and will be easier to clean. 

Gym Bag

A new gym bag is another great Christmas gift for athletes. Look for one that is sleek and stylish and could transition from gym to lunch without needing a different bag. Also look for roomy compartments that keep shoes separate from other clothes and zipper pockets for keys, a wallet, and other small items. Cool stitching and hardware can really work to level up the bag. 


If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for athletes who work out at home, dumbbells are a great choice. Adding to their set is an easy way to show you support their healthy habits. If they’re just starting out on their fitness journey, or if space for an entire dumbbell set is an issue, consider adjustable dumbbells. Also look for comfortable handles and high-quality galvanized rubber or steel.

Way of Will Gift Set — Get Moving

Way of Will Get Moving Gift Set

Give a post-workout pick-me-up and help your athlete smell great too! The Way of Will Get Moving Gift Set is one of the best fitness gifts because it combines an energizing body wash, natural deodorant, and rich hand and body moisturizer. Plus, your conscience can feel better knowing that Way of Will takes social responsibility seriously. The products are ethically sourced and packaged with as little plastic as possible. Plus, the product formulas are plant-based and free of synthetics.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands quickly turn simple exercises into challenging moves. They are easy to use and can be stacked to add resistance when needed. Fabric resistance bands tend to last longer because they don’t snap and are less likely to bunch and roll when someone is using them. Rubber resistance bands can be easier for beginners to use because they offer less initial resistance. 

Running Shoes

If your loved one is a runner, you already know how quickly they can go through a pair of running shoes. If they love other sports, running shoes can inspire your athlete to switch up their workout routine or keep them motivated to go outside during the winter months. Top running shoe brands like Saucony, Hoka, Brooks, Asics, and Nike all have a variety of options to cater to gait and style.

No-Show Socks

No-show socks make great holiday gifts for athletes and stocking stuffers for everyone. A good pair will come in moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry and comfortable. They can also have a light compression to help support muscles and blood flow and reduce swelling during workouts. Plus, there are dozens of fun color combinations, so you’ll find something that suits your athlete’s style.

Yoga Mat

Help your athlete get a good stretch or reinvigorate your yogi’s practice with a new yoga mat. Yoga mats provide stability and cushioning during flows and help practitioners stay in proper alignment. They’ve come a long way from basic black. Yoga mats can be as diverse as the people practicing, so finding a mat that fits your loved one’s style and personality will be fun. You can help them keep their mat clean and fresh with Way of Will’s 35 Yoga Mat Spray with tea tree and lavender essential oils. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Self-Care and Wellness

Gifts for athletes: Woman does squat with exercise band around thighs

Sometimes your athlete needs help feeling good after their workout. These self-care and wellness Christmas gift ideas (or birthday, or anniversary, or anything!) will help them recover more quickly so they can crush their next workout. 

Foam Roller

Foam rollers make the perfect gifts for athletes because they work for most people and are relatively easy to use, plus they help athletic recovery by improving joint mobility. The nubs that some rollers have work by pushing into muscle knots or trigger points to help them relax and release. You can increase the intensity of the massage by looking for firmer or more raised nubs.

Deep Tissue Massager

A deep tissue massager is another great wellness gift idea for your loved one this holiday season. Deep tissue massage can help relax sore muscles through percussive and circular motions that get into the knot. Some massagers include a heat option, which can help relieve muscle soreness even more.

Way of Will Muscle Soak Bath Set

Sometimes when your muscles are sore, all you really want is a bath. Now you can help your loved one double-down on their bath’s therapeutic benefits with this muscle soak bath set. The Himalayan pink salt works to relieve achy muscles and the bottle of ylang-ylang essential oil lowers stress with just a few drops in the water. You may want to put two bath sets in your cart so you can relax after all of your holiday preparations.

Fitness Gadgets Gift Guide

Woman runs on the beach looking at Apple Watch with headphones in

If you’re looking for gifts for athletes who are also gadget junkies, there are a lot of great options for you. The latest wearable tech is more user-friendly and comfortable than previous generations. 


A smartwatch or fitness tracker is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. The latest models do more than just monitor heart rate, although they do that too. Now, brands like the Apple Watch or Fitbit can give your athlete data from the number of steps to distance traveled to how well they slept. Look for one with a silicone band for added comfort and water resistance for extra protection against accidental spills or serious sweat sessions.


Listening to music or a favorite podcast can help your athlete stay motivated during a long or intense workout. You can help make listening more comfortable with a great pair of earbuds. Wireless earbuds are a good option because they’re less likely to get caught in other workout gear, so you’ll want to find something with Bluetooth connectivity. Noise-canceling earbuds can also help drown out background gym noise and keep your athlete in the zone.

The Perfect Gift Is Waiting

Choosing gifts for athletes can be fun, whether you go for some exercise equipment, self-care stuff, or cool new tech.

Way of Will’s products are for everyone, so they make great gift ideas and stocking stuffers for each person on your list. Check out this thoughtful collection of fitness gifts for even more ideas to support your athlete’s wellness and self-care.

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