8 Ways to De-Stress After a Rough Day

8 Ways to De-Stress After a Rough Day – Stress can take many shapes and forms. Always make sure you look out for any signs of yours. So when the time comes when you need that extra TLC, these are some of our favourite ways to relax mind, body and soul.

Ready, set, breathe

When you think of unwinding after a battery-emptying day, it’s easy to overlook the simplest solution of them all. Breathing. Sure, it’s part of everything we do, but does it actually get the attention it deserves? If you’re anything like me, the answer is definitely no. And that’s okay. It’s never too early or too late to start something new.

Breathing is one of the greatest stress fighters on the planet. Deep breaths by itself or accompanied by mindful music are a true force of nature. Don’t know where or how to get started? We love using the Calm app for soothing sessions or easy on the go breathing ‘workouts’.

Turn back your dinner clock

How many of you have caved for a pre-midnight snack, only to lay awake by an uneasy stomach? Yes, been there, done that. Although, there’s never a need for that third Reese’s cup. The call of the snack drawer seems to grow stronger every day. I found the best way to beat those midnight cravings is by having an early dinner followed by a healthy snack. Under the motto of ‘sharing is caring’, here’s what’s been helping me.

First of all, I make sure to meal prep small bites to reduce temptation. Energy balls, rice crackers, hummus and fruit and veg are snacks that fulfil your appetite, not only your glucose levels. Planning your dinner dates a little earlier is a great way to give your body the time it needs to digest. It also decreases your risk for heart diseases, depression and high blood pressure.

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Activate a digital detox

If there’s one way of sending yourself a technology wake-up call, it’s to activate Screen Time on your phone. What it does is simple. It tracks every second, minute and hour you spend on your phone. It follows you from late night scrolling sessions to guilty Youtube pleasures. Then it calculates the ‘damage’.

Turns out that my sum was a lot higher than I anticipated. I was shocked to see my daily reminder. It made me want to turn those hours into minutes so I actually started using my phone only when I need to. Not only does this method give you guilt-free notifications, but you can also assign time limits to any specific apps you like a little too much. I’m looking at you, Instagram.

Soothe your mind with scents

Okay, I might be a little biased but a diffuser is the best investment I’ve ever made. The power of scents goes far beyond relaxation. A few drops and you are feeling energised, relaxed, comforted or inspired. This all depends on the mindset you are in or the one you aspire to reach. Not all essential oils are created equal.

We don’t mean to brag but ours are 100% pure grade, cruelty-free and kind of worth their weight in gold. Our two favourite stress banishing oils? Lavender and Sweet Orange will make you forget all about Mondays. Have trouble sleeping? Try the Sleep Tight Oil Remedy. It’s the best friend you and your temporary insomnia could ever have.

Schedule a soaking session

My love story with baths is a tale as old as time. It’s funny how as you grow older, you exchange frothy bubble baths for invigorating muscle soaks. Even though we will never forget the sheer joy of growing bubble beards or crafting DIY hats, our bath routine has now found a worthy contender.

Muscle Soak is everything an adult soaking session could ever ask for. When top-notch essential oils from Black Pepper, Patchouli and Atlas Cedarwood are mixed with Himalayan Salt, good things were bound to happen. And they did. Sprinkle it sparingly, it’s named muscle magic for a reason.

Like it? Buy it!

Pour thoughts into words

To write is to tell stories. And telling stories is the best way of reflecting and processing everything around you. See it as your own little self-help club, without the awkward silences or newcomer anxiety. You can write anywhere, any time and of course, anything. Whether it’s a few words scribbled on the back of a Target receipt or a two-page journal outtake describing every detail of your day, it doesn’t matter. As long as you write.

Take a tea time-out

One should never underestimate the healing power of a good cup of tea. Black, green or lemongrass-infused, whatever tickles your fancy, they all have one thing in common. They make you feel relaxed. While it might seem like way more effort (trust me, it’s really not), loose tea makes your teabags look bad. Really bad. Trust us, you’ve never really had tea if it was just in a bag. No offense Pukka, we still love you.

De-stress your skin

I’m pretty sure that skin confidence is a big deal to us all. Because if your skin looks good, you simply feel better. And stress? Well, that turns out to be your complexion’s worst enemy. So after following all our tips to reduce your stress levels to a microscopical minimum, you’re ready for your final touch.

Our motto? Life can be complicated, your skincare shouldn’t be. No 12 step K-beauty steps needed, nor creams that cost as much as your flat deposit. A simple yet effective nightly rendezvous with our Cleanser, Toner & Serum is all it takes. Those radiant results, with the compliments to match, will come streaming in.

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