12 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All Your Loved Ones

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s day gift ideas? A box of chocolates paired with your giftee’s favorite wine. A beautiful bouquet of roses. A quiet, romantic date night. While all of these are traditional Valentine’s day gifts, celebrating love comes in many forms!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s, Palentine’s, or Galentine’s, keep reading to find thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all the loves in your life.


12 of the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

As the second week of February rolls in, finding the best Valentine’s day gift for everyone on your list suddenly feels urgent. The good news is you don’t have to spend hours sorting through gift guides or trying to figure out your recipient’s love language this Valentine’s Day. 

This list of unique, thoughtful gifts will help you show appreciation for your significant other, parent, friend, colleague, or your ride-or-die BFF

1. DIY Relaxation Gift Basket

You get extra points for effort if you put together a DIY gift basket.

These DIY relaxation-themed gift baskets are a hit because they’re thoughtful, personal, and — most of all — they contain everything your loved one needs for a relaxing soak. 

Here are some ideas for your basket full of gorgeous, comforting goodies: 

No time to DIY? Treat your giftee to one of these adorable gift boxes that will surely make them feel loved and appreciated.

USD $ 29.00
USD $ 8.99
USD $ 14.50
USD $ 32.50
USD $ 6.99
USD $ 4.99
USD $ 19.00
USD $ 24.00
Essential Oils + Wash and Lotion
  • Tranquil Times Holiday Gift Set: Ideal for giftees who need some me-time for themselves. This calming gift set contains a Sleep Tight Essential Oil Remedy to help encourage rest, a soothing hand wash and lotion, a refreshing massage oil, and a melt-on-contact jumbo lip balm. 
  • Be Soothed Aromatherapy Gift Set: Perfect for the significant other who badly needs to recharge and relax. This comforting set contains soothing essential oils and calming oil blends. 
  • Soul Soak Bath Set: Nothing says love like giving the gift of a relaxing bath soak to your favorite person. This gift set contains mineral salts harvested from the springs of Epsom, England, and grapefruit and lavender essential oils for a relaxing day or night. 

Activate Essential Oil Gift Set: Choose this gift set for anyone you love who could use a little natural wellness. The gift box contains four 5ml bottles of lemon, atlas cedarwood, sweet orange, and grapefruit essential oils.

2. Necklace With Custom Engraving

For a sentimental gift, create a keepsake for your special someone. Add a personal touch to jewelry, like the pendant on a beautiful necklace. Engrave your and your S.O.’s initials, your anniversary, a pet’s name, or even the coordinates of a special place.


3. Coffee Subscription  

Espresso your love with a coffee subscription! Whether you’re married to a coffee connoisseur or dating someone who swears by their morning cup of joe, a subscription of high-quality coffee beans is about as foolproof as it gets.

Not ready to commit to a subscription (or the relationship)? You can order a single bag of beans coupled with a cute coffee mug for your romantic fling. 


4. Flowers (But Not Roses)

Flowers for your Valentine may sound like a cliché, but a beautiful bouquet makes the majority of people happy. However, you can do better than everyone else by going rose-free this year. 

The price of roses goes up on the days leading up to V-day. Choosing something different will not only save you money, it will also allow you to be more creative, send your loved one their favorite blooms, or select a less romantic flower for your friends. Here are some of the best alternatives: 

  • Tulips 
  • Lilies
  • Daisies
  • Calla lilies
  • Chrysanthemums 
  • Mixed bouquets


5. Valentine’s Spa Day Gift Set

USD $ 117.49
Valentine's Day SPA Gift Set

Show your significant other how lucky you are to have them in your life with the Valentine’s Spa Day Gift Set from Way of Will

This perfect romantic bundle contains: 

  • 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil
  • Kiss Jumbo Lip Balm
  • Sleep Tight Essential Oil Remedy
  • 45 Relax Natural Body Wash
  • Muscle Soak Bath Salt

Your giftee will go head-over-heels for this gift set because it’s formulated using natural ingredients and infused with pure-grade essential oils to help comfort the mind and body. 

We won’t judge if you want this gift set for yourself too. Self-care is also a form of love.


6. Wine and Chocolate

Each is delicious on its own, but if you want to go the extra mile for your fling or friend on Valentine’s Day, say “I love you!” by pairing wine with the rich flavor of chocolate. 

Try out these wine and chocolate pairing ideas for a decadent February (you might just find a new favorite pair for the rest of the year too): 

  • Cabernet sauvignon and espresso dark chocolate truffle
  • Pinot noir with milk chocolate mousse
  • Chardonnay with white chocolate or chocolate-covered fruit


7. Portable Massager

So your giftee is not a fan of the usual gifts? A massager is a practical yet romantic gift that they’ll love. 

This unique Valentine’s Day gift is ideal for long-distance couples. Even if you’re not around to give your loved one a massage, they’ll appreciate how thoughtful you are for wishing them more relaxing, tension-free days. 

If you’re around on Valentine’s Day (yay!), ditch the massager and give your partner the gift of an at-home massage with Way of Will’s 03 Soothe and Cool Natural Body Massage Oil. It contains peppermint oil, German chamomile oil, and lemongrass oil to help boost energy and soothe the senses.


8. Stay Focused Gift Box 

USD $ 49.00
Stay Focused Gift Box

If your life partner, best friend, or favorite family member has been feeling overwhelmed lately, help them regain their focus with a Stay Focused Gift Box.

This great gift box includes:

  • Think Straight Essential Oil Remedy for focus and concentration
  • 28 Cool Fix Energizing Facial Spray for an energizing pick-me-up in an instant
  • Invigorating Hand & Body Lotion that moisturizes the skin and invigorates the senses


9. Friendship Lamps 

Not too sure what to get for your gal pals or grandkids who live on the other side of the world? 

A pair of long-distance friendship lamps is the best Valentine’s gift you’ll get them this year. 

With just a simple tap of your lamp at home, the other pair glows and lights up no matter where they are in the world (as long as there’s Wi-Fi!). 

These lamps are a thoughtful yet subtle way of letting your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. 

You can even gift these lamps to more than one important person in your life. Some brands, like the ones sold at Etsy, have no limit to the number of lamps you can link with each other.


10. Weighted Blankets Made of Velvet

Way of Will - Blog - Velvet Blanket

V isn’t just for Valentine’s — V is also for velvet!

There’s nothing more relaxing than a soft, cozy weighted blanket made of velvet. 

This Valentine’s day gift idea is ideal if your giftee wants to feel more relaxed during restless nights. A review of studies published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy revealed that weighted blankets may help reduce feelings of anxiety. 

To keep with the theme and give the gift of a good night’s sleep, add a few more items to your present.  

USD $ 29.00
Sleep Tight Essential Oil

Way of Will’s Sleep Tight Essential Oil Remedy For Sleep perfectly complements anything velvet (blanket, pillow, eye mask) for sleep. Its comforting, dreamy blend helps your giftee drift into a good night’s rest. 

11. Personalized Comfy Hoodie 

Still stumped on what to get that bae or fiancée who’s hard to shop for? Personalized gifts like a comfy and oh-so-soft hoodie with custom embroidery are the perfect gift because you can create something completely unique — even for the person who has everything.

12. Way of Will Gift Cards

Forget Amazon and Apple gift cards! For this year’s Valentine, give the gift of plant-based, natural skin care and wellness products that are good for the body, the mind, and the budget — Way of Will gift cards are available in values ranging from $5 to $1,000. 


Make Someone Feel Extra Special With a Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift

Way of Will - Blog - Valentines Day Gift

Whether it’s a handmade Valentine’s Day card you worked on for weeks or a pricey cashmere sweater you found at the last minute, choosing the right gift for your favorite person makes all the difference. 

You can never go wrong with a gift of plant-based wellness from Way of Will. Check out the 6 most popular items ordered as gifts last year. Get one of these best sellers for the loves of your life (and one for yourself too!). 

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